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Το Μικρό - καφεποτοπωλείο στα Μεστά
In Mesta village square
Where tradition and history meet
Το Μικρό - καφεποτοπωλείο στα Μεστά
The absolute enjoy of coffee
Live the taste experience
Το Μικρό - καφεποτοπωλείο στα Μεστά
Quality and aesthetics in the heart of Mesta


To Mikro

Quality, aesthetics, hospitality are the words that summarize our philosophy. From early in the morning until late at night, "To Mikro" guides you through the aromas and flavors of Chios, combining selected products, sweets, ice creams, local products, delicious cocktails and of course the chosen coffee Lombardini


For us, ice cream is a treat. Choose the taste of ice cream you prefer from the wide variety of top Swiss Mövenpick ice creams



Fresh Beer of Chios is produced in Campos of Chios from fine varieties of malt and whole hops. Casserole without filtering Fresh Chios beer combined with Chian tasteful suggestions will fascinate you!



Indulge yourself in the unique atmosphere of Mesta and enjoy your coffee by drinking chosen blends of Lombardini!

Our philosophy

To Mikro, in the heart of Mesta square, right next to the historic Taxiarches temple, was created to bring back familiar memories, flavors and fragrances from the Mesta we know and love. Experience the Chian hospitality, and through the eyes of the locals! Every visitor is unique, so we want by your return to your place to have the experience of Mesta in your heart!

Full of perfumes, Myrovolos Chios island surely challenges you to explore it during the Spring season! In mid-March in the southern part of the island you can discover Lalades, Chios tulipa, in its wild form but also different species of orchids. On clean Monday in the village square and with the presence of many people from all over Chios, one of the villagers presents Aga, dressed with the appropriate uniform (who was a Turkish judge during the Ottoman domination) and judges the inhabitants and visitors with satirical mood!

In summer, visitors can go for swimming to wonderful beaches, Apotheka, Merikounta, Avlonia are just some of the most famous beaches of Mesta. At these beaches you can engage into of Scuba Diving and Canoe - Kayak. During August, you can live the experience of the Festival of Mesta on August 15 witch it is dedicated to honor St. Mary and on 17 August The fishermen's feast. Last but not least you can enjoy the Souma Festive in the middle of the summer where local people set the barbecues, transfer the figs to the Square to build Ambuka, to make Souma and give it to consumption, in celebrating mood the whole day.

The autumn months the landscape of Mesta enchants the visitor! Visit the historic temple of Taxiarches in the center of Mesta Square, the Tower of Miletus and the Captain's door at the entrance of Mesta. The scenic narrow and small shops with local products create romantic idyllic scenery! Do not forget to taste the famous wine of Mesta as well as the local traditional sweets of Mesta!

Wander to the Medieval Castle, visit the Church of Taxiarhes and all traditional cafes. Try the local suma that will surely warm you up in the best way. Winter is an ideal time for hiking and cycling with a variety of routes that offer a window to Chios History.

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Quality, aesthetics, hospitality are the words that summarize our philosophy.
From early morning until late at night, "To Mikro" it guides you through the aromas and tastes of Chios!

Discover Mesta through the eyes of the locals.

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Το Μικρό